Santa Salsa Venezuelan Street Food

Our History

SANTA SALSA is an art project of Sergio Barrios (“El Hase”), based on the popular street food culture in Venezuela, develops as an experience that combines art, Latin heritage, skate culture, humor, all in one place.







Based on the “Street food” culture in Venezuela, SANTA SALSA is one of the first recreation/reinterpretation outside of the country of the famous Hot dog carts that populate every busy street of our homeland. Originally spawning from the mind of visual artist/designer Sergio Barrios (“El Hase”), the project was conceived as an experience that would combine art, Latin heritage, skate culture, humor, all in one amazing and unique place.  Under a colorful decoration of Latin and urban imagery, our menu is served in the popular culinary tradition that we grew up with, giving a unique and exciting twist to a street food classics, in order to reveal and exchange our modern culture.   Not even in Venezuela the “Street food” concept was officially defined and assumed as part of our modern culture. Since Santa Salsa started given recognition and winning the prize of The best NY Hot dog” it has become a trend and part of our national proud.





The Beginning…

Santa Salsa is a cultural and artistic project that first came out as the concept for a skateboarding video “Santa Salsa, La Venganza de Las Patinetas (The skateboards revenge)”.  The story is about an apocalyptic future when a holocaust erased all the skateboarders from the earth… Only one survives and becomes a scientist who secretly creates a special sauce called “Santa Salsa” (Holly Sauce), to be served on top for hot dogs and Burgers. Anyone who eats the Santa Salsa mutates from a common person into a pro skateboarder.





Out to the streets:

In 2008 the screening of the skate video became a mayor NYC indie event hosted by hip Brooklyn bands as: Japanther, NinjaSonik, All9 and Pora Pora, Cerebral Ballzy’s. Soon it became a much talked about underground cult classic of the new emergent street scene of New York City.




Came to real live:

The Hot-Dog Cart (2011 – 2015)

In 2011, Caracas Arepa Bar, Rockaway tacos, Roberta’s pizza and Meathook invited Santa Salsa to create the Rockaway Beach Club, a group of concession stands committed to bring good quality foods to the newly revitalized boardwalk. This whole summer, surfers, skaters, bikers, hipsters and kids of all ages got crazy for their “hotdogs” “Pepito Sandwiches” and “Special Burgers”. There was an immediate connection with the local community, making Santa Salsa a favorite regular to the hungry inhabitants of the beach, and the hundreds of people that visited each sunny day.





Brooklyn I Over the Eight 2013 – 2017:

In 2013 David Castillo, one of the owner of Saint Vitus, invited Santa Salsa to open inside Over the Eight Bar which is a great place to listen to metal, goth, and hardcore while staring out the window, plus regular Dj, live music, readings, comedy shows, karaoke, and live shows by Vice, Kevin Corrigan’s of Saturday Night live show and Fania Records amongst others.





Smorgasburg Street food market:

Santa Salsa has been part of Smorgasburg market from 2015 to 2017.

Smorgasburg is the largest weekly open-air food market in America, attracting 20,000-30,000 people to Brooklyn each weekend to eat from 100 local vendors—Saturdays on the Williamsburg waterfront and Sundays in beautiful Prospect Park.

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Artist mind:

Sergio Barrios (El Hase) has international exhibitions, awards, publications and recognitions of his art in cities as Caracas, Madrid, Mexico City, New York, Miami, LA, Buenos Aires and Barcelona Barrios is represented by Superchief Gallery and VAEA Foundation for the Arts.

In 2004, graduates form graphic design school and began diversifying his artistic talent away from work based on pure intuition towards more elaborate concepts to enrich the style with other techniques, incorporating prints, etchings and digital media.

Sergio Barrios has designed for record covers, skateboarding, newspapers, books, restaurants, TV brands, t-shirts and flyers.

In 2011 Sergio Barrios created a cultural space where he mixes all type of cultural art from painting, sculpture, skateboarding and installations to culinary and food.

The project is called Santa Salsa cultural space.   Going to Santa Salsa is an experience going through Sergio Barrios Life. Once you enter Santa Salsa your first impression is all the art hanged on the wall. A huge collection of Skate decks designed and printed by Sergio Barrios and Sangre Skateboards, also a collection of his paintings on wood panels, hand made sings, and a food cart inspired installation made and designed by him. There is a full menu created by artist Sergio Barrios and the food is delivered to your table on pieces of skate decks also hand made and cut by the artist. Being in Santa Salsa is a whole artistic experience.